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Henry Buhl Ace The New York Times Vesco Article Read it!

Henry Buhl his role Vesco Nowadays Arrest Read NY Times article

Suzannah B. Troy artist: NY Post Sugar Daddy sued rewind Henry Buhl used Wife to move Vesco $ plus owned NYPD Soho Same Precinct Lied threatened and coerced me?

Read the last paragraph the part about him wiring money to his wife!!!!!   

It is amazing Henry Buhl  did not go to jail after wiring money to his wife ala. Vesco scandal but teflon Buhl aka Henry Buhl shit  inherited a fortune below if you scan down far enough on the social diary post you can read it's a bizarre story of how he supposedly had to sue to get his inheritance.

Henry Buhl (shit) is not intelligent  and less suffering people requires a certain kind of intelligence and far from innovative but has such chutzpah  and mega millions from his family fortune and  acts like he owns Soho and the NYPD and maybe he does own the 1st Precinct or did  and I saw them doing fixing in favors for the Mercer hotel in the doctors office where was savagely assaulted Dr Andrew Fagelman's office. 

 It is rumored then Henry Buhl allegedly raped a young woman but again you're dealing with the 1st Precinct and in NYC the NYPD are only cheap candy.

The slime bucket poser Henry Buhl of Vesco infamy is no relation to the Henry Buhl of Soho who had no heirs and set up this foundation.

Henry Buhl, Jr. | The Buhl Foundation

Henry Buhl that's like a plantation owner and if you're my Nardini set up a vendor table outside the street  he doesn't care what color you are he's gonna call the police and try and get you arrested wiped off the street.

 Illegally Drop planters in the NYPD at the 1st Precinct protected him he was not arrested he can do whatever he wants  he knows he's Teflon.

NYPD love $ugar daddies, parties and strippers ask 01 precinct about that and call a cop...

Henry Buhl shit still suckering any one gullible

I was sent this ...

Are you aware that Henry Buhl's financial partner and protege was rogue financier, Robert Vesco - the Bernie Madoff of the 1970s - who fled to Castro's Cuba and spent the rest of his life there after being accused of looting $250 million from Investors Overseas Services.
Buhl was a respondent in the same lawsuit by IOS, and settled with the SEC for his part in the scheme.
Buhl was also a respondent in another lawsuit by another slimeball financier, Bernie Cornfield, in 1978.
Robert Vesco would later be accused by the U.S. Government of looting a
quarter billion dollars (426 million in 1986) from Bernard Cornfeld's
Investors Overseas Services.  (See Arthur Herzog, VESCO copyright©1987
-- excerpts at
Vesco was backed by Henry Buhl, who introduced Vesco to investment
bankers Lazard Frères; Salomon Brothers; Allen & Co.; John Loeb, Sr.
of Loeb & Rhoades; Lehman Brothers; Smith Barney; and to his
accountant Arthur Andersen. "As Honore de Balzac, French novelist and playwrite, wrote: "Being every fortune there is a crime."

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